Why Us? Global Paratransit?

We know contracting your transportation services is no small decision: Give us 1% of your trust and we will earn the other 99%.

Throughout our 20 years of experience serving LA county’s southern region, we have developed a keen ability in recognizing the special needs and desires of our local communities. As a locally owned and operated company, our intimate knowledge of the region translates into a distinguished track record of strong performance, constantly exceeding goals, and surpassing the standards and requirements set by the industry.

Members of Global Paratransit are known to add the human touch and are engaged in caring for people in our community, which makes us a dignified and ethical group. We work, live, and play here and have made deep and lasting connections with our local community. 

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Safety Practice Global Paratransit

Safety is our #1 Priority

We’ve embedded a strong culture of safety in all aspects of our daily operations through advanced preventive training, smart integration of safety optimizing technology, effective incentive programs, along with ongoing performance monitoring and analysis to continuously improve our procedures. 

Success Stories

GPI helps you drive passengers and the transportation industry forward.

Our expertise brings the desired results and proven solutions to support your goals.

GPI has been recognized time and again for its exceptional service.

award Global Paratransit

2019 | Joe King Award | Georgina Gomez

Access Services Los Angeles County

award Global Paratransit

2019 | Jerry Walker Award | Vanessa Angel

Access Services Los Angeles County

award Global Paratransit

2019 | Access Award

Los Angeles County Commision on Disabilities

award Global Paratransit

2019 | Company of Choice Award

Millennium Momentum Foundation

award Global Paratransit

2019 | Walker Sponsor Recognition Award

City of Bell

"Global Paratransit, Inc. has maintained consistent and reliable service for ACCESS customers of the Southern Region. They have demonstrated their service transparency with customer-participated training sessions where drivers receive real-time customer feedback and experiences. The training has resulted in very courteous and professional drivers who are willing to go above what is required to assist customers. Global Paratransit Management has also participated in the outreach by hosting meetings within the community to receive service delivery feedback and transmitting that feedback into action with visible results. Their focus on enhancing the customer experience has increased customer confidence within the service region. I'm very proud of their commitment and their efforts."

Angie Smith

ACCESS Customer and Advocate

“I would like to take a moment to shower praises and appreciation for the drivers at Global Paratransit under Luis Garcia and Robert Montalvo. They are extremely thoughtful, conscientious, caring, and truly look out for me. On days where I truly felt under the weather, extremely stressed by circumstances that are out of my control, nothing shakes their professionalism. Very perceptive, and intuitive on anticipating any assistance I need, I have full confidence that I am in excellent hands every time. Even when individuals, places, or situations make it hard on them to perform their job, they go the extra mile to ensure my safety and well being. You get to know them and can think of them as family. They handle everyday pressures of life, and presently Covid-19 while continuing to deliver amazing service. The amount of stress they have taken off my shoulders is substantial. I am ever so grateful, and appreciative. A big Thank You to drivers like Holton, Givian, Aheryl, Sylvia, Helen, Dewayne, and so many others: Bless your loving hearts, compassionate, and beautiful souls. To do a job like this is a special calling. You make each trip amazing.”

Leisa Elliot

Frequent Passenger

“Global Paratransit, Inc. drives the standard in paratransit transportation. Their adamant belief in providing top-tier services leads to them to continually go above and beyond contract requirements with an unparalleled commitment to the community. It comes as no surprise that GPI is one of Southern California's most trusted names in paratransit, with operators that are able to maintain a high level of professionalism and efficiency while truly caring about their customers.”

Deaka McClain

Long Beach Resident and Disability Advocate

“Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center provides the largest number of customers for Global Paratransit throughout the Southern California region. We’ve had a great collaborative relationship with GPI over the years as they continue to strive for improvement and expansion of services. Their continued efforts to address service issues are sincerely appreciated. Most recently, they added a road supervisor to our campus to ensure patient priority. This has worked extremely well along with additional improvements made over the years. Global Paratransit’s leadership attends our monthly Patient Advisory Council (PAC) meetings and participates in problem solving issues related to transportation.”

Gilbert Salinas, MPA

Chief Clinical Officer

"In a time where Accessible Transportation presents a challenge for some, this service is much needed for individuals to get around. I would like to personally thank GPI for their outstanding service they have provided to our clients! Because of their strong dedication to good service, our clients are able to get to and from their program consistently. Thanks GPI!"

Anne Rivera

Program Director, United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles